Make It Monday #118: Photo Postcards

Nice idea; poor execution.
I can't help feeling that this looks like one of those generic motivational posters you see hanging in offices.
Also, using a black background meant that every single finger mark shows so I can only imagine what it'll look like once it's been through the postal system.
However, I can see it being a nice additon to scrapbook photos.


  1. You are making me laugh. But just the same your card is very cool! And whoever receives this will think the mail carrier left those finger prints:)

  2. You've MET the PTI Challenge FABULOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  3. I think this is a super photo with the sentiment. I think it looks very professional.
    Great job!!!

  4. WOW, very impressive photo, may want to put this in an envelope before mailing it :)

  5. Well, you always learn something new from trying something new, right? That's the important part. I had similar sentiments about my project so I understand. My photo printed very dark and I was disappointed about that.

    Your photo is very neat though! And the sentiment goes so perfectly! I think you are too hard on yourself! :)


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