Wednesday, August 30, 2017

SAF - Leather #1

This challenge was the only one for which I had to buy supplies. Liquid glycerine proved quite elusive in my area shops (and I really didn't have time to be chasing around for it today) so I ended up with it in suppository form! My husband looked at me like I'd gone insane.
I made the "leather" hours ago, but have been wondering how to use it. If you didn't try this one yet it ends up with a really unusual texture, and mine was a little difficult to glue - liquid glue is definitely the way to go rather than ATG.
That'll be my last challenge. Betsy's almost broke me - I tried the joint compound suggestion and boy did it not work. As soon as I rubbed the ink in all the compound snapped and fell off the card front.
There are lots of other's I'd still like to try, but not tonight.
Thank you to everyone at Papertrey ink for a great celebration - again.

SAF - Linen #2

There are so many more challenges I'd love to play along with at this years' Stamp-a-faire, but time will always beat me. However, this challenge was too good to miss.
I think my fabric is more canvas than linen, but the tight weave gave a nice surface to stamp on.
I ironed the canvas really well before I got started, and did a number of trial stamps as I hadn't actually got around to using this stamp set until now.
The frame is from the Shakers and sprinkles set. The image is so lovely and delicate that I decided to go completely monocrome for all the other features, using classic kraft cardstock for everything.

SAF - Bronze #2

The colour scheme for this next challenge  is what kept me going on. I'm about done with "creativity" for one session but this one looked too pretty to miss.
While I was rummaging earlier I found this splits set - not one I use enough as it is so pretty and looks great with very little effort - so this one stayed out with this project in mind.
I embossed and die cut the image, then used versamark and a snowscene stencil to add first bronze and then verdigris embossing powders for the mat. The embossed stripe was really simply - a thick line drawn with a versamark pen and a ruler.

SAF - Bronze #1

I own a couple of sets of perfect pearls, but never seem to think about using them. So it was great to have this challenge  to make me get them out again.
I used the orangy pearls a couple of ways. I dabbed the perfect medium through a stencil and then brushed on the dry powder for the first part. Then I put a colour wash over a piece of peach card stock using the same orange pearls in a little water.
As ever with perfect pearls it's really hard to show their shimmery loveliness in a photo but you'll just have to trust me that it's there.

SAF - Pottery #1

My proper air dry clay (bought several years ago for a previous Stamp-a-faire and never used again) was completely dried out, so I improvised with some model magic I had from a children's project over the summer.

I rollled it out, stamped the sunflower image from Botanical blocks and left it to dry. Then I used a pair of scissors to trim to shape and watercolors to paint the image.
It's mounted to the card base with glossy accents to try to keep it attached.

SAF - Pottery #2

I've been laughing so hard I could barely get my picture for this challenge taken, let alone posted!
Nichole linked to a technique for making white dough, which I was anxious to try as I've had unsuccessful tries at this technique before but the dough always cracks. This time out, sadly, the larger ones cracked again, but I do have some smaller, 1 1/2 inch tags that seem to be staying intact.
I stamped the sentiment from birthday style onto the disc, and a range of little images onto the tissue paper. I used hairspray to fix it, which wasn't entirely successful, but only the dark blue ran a little.
Then came the fun. For some reason one of my cats decided these things were brilliant. It must be something to do with the smell. I actually had to shut him out of the room to be able to get the photo. And as soon as he came back in this is what happened....

SAF - Tin and aluminum #1

I love this technique. So effective, but achievable. No tin sheets here, or even thick aluminum foil so I improvised, and it still worked out OK. I can't really recommend my method, but it'll do in a pinch.
I folded a sheet of regular foil into 4, scraping a thin layer of tacky glue between each layer and then stuck all of this onto a piece of card with another thin layer of glue. Then I put this sandwich into an embossing folder and put it through the big shot. Glue, naturally, squirted everywhere, but once I'd wiped down the plates, the folder and the foil layer I was left with something I could work with.
I had bronze embossing powder, and paired that with Frantage aged gold embossing enamel. I struggled for a while about how to use the resulting marvel. It seemed a shame to just use a little bit, but it was also a bit too full on to easily add a sentiment, which is why I added the black space (I stuck it on with glossy accents as it didn't feel like anything else would be up to the challenge). PTIs Ombre sentiments is embossed with liquid platinum.