Sunday, August 25, 2013

scent-sational cards

This challenge was totally beyond me by the time I got to it yesterday, especially as I checked and I don't have a single fruit shaped stamp (except a slice of lemon on tea for 2 additions - but that seemed a bit small to be basing a card on).
Happily I remembered this tag from one of the holiday tag collections and thought I'd have a go embossing with cocoa.
Choosing a stamp with little details probably wasn't the best choice when you need to double stamp (and you do need to use ink first and then the versamark as the colour just isn't strong enough without). And then I decided the tag didn't pop enough all in brown and I added the mug in terracotta tile, thereby covering the largest potential scratch and sniff area. But I had a go.....


  1. Very nice! I love your choice of stamps! I'm going to try the cocoa next timearound!