Monday, August 26, 2013

Stamp-a-faire closing ceremonies

It might not be the most glamorous of shots, but this bin was empty when I started on Saturday and look at it now!
There's glitter everywhere and little beads blown to the 4 corners; I've got through an entire tape runner and a whole sheet of foam pad; I've had cocoa, salt and vodka sitting on my workbench (which has turned slightly pink in patches due to insufficient shielding when using homemade mists) but is has been so much fun.
I attended Stamp-a-faire solo, but, having looked at the photos, will aim to change that for next year.
I did make a great variety of cards - some that worked straight out the gate, some that took some work (hence the bin full of rejects) and some that I will go back to now the deadline has passed to try and mend.
I'm amazed at the diversity you packed into 1 day - thank you all for your enthusiasm and inspiration.

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