Saturday, August 24, 2013

Tea staining techinques #2

I really should have thought ahead, but while my paperclay is drying I thought I'd play a bit more with the tea dying.

This card is also dyed with tea - but a hibiscus based fruity one which gave a lovely dusky rose colour. The felt, ribbon and string were all dyed in the same bowl but they have taken the dye is differing amounts, leading to variation in the colours. The little centre flowers were left in less long than the larger ones so they came out lighter.
The paper is all scraps from MME lost and found.


  1. Wow, Sarah, this turned out so pretty! That tea gave your embellishments a gorgeous color.

  2. Love that you used a tea that gave you a totally different dye-colour than expected. Such a lovely romantic card.

  3. Again a lovely card with tea :-)