Saturday, August 24, 2013

Tea staining techniques

Being an English girl born and bred (although transplanted in America over 10 years ago) I'm still an obsessive tea drinker (don't even think about putting cream in it). So Tea staining Techniques was the challenge I was most looking forward to.
I got a jump on this project by staining the background yesterday. I used a square of cotton buckram and dotted tea bags of varying strengths around to give different shades (chamomile, darjeeling, orange pekoe and earl grey if it matters - see, I said I loved tea)
I then painted on the trees and shrubs with very strong instant coffee and left it to dry. Once dry I used a dark brown marker to add some definition to the branches; mounted the whole thing on card with modge podge and them trimmed it to size.
"Foxy" also started out as cream canvas that was dyed with Orange Pekoe tea. His tail tip and eye patched are the un-dyed fabric.
Right, off for a cup of ..... well, you can guess.


  1. So very cute!!

  2. Adorable Sarah! Way to get a jump start!

  3. Oh my gosh, you really knocked this outta the park! Your background is just stunning; Little Foxy looks right at home in your woodsy scene. Very nice work!

  4. This is fabulous, Sarah. The background you created for the fox is the perfect feel for a woodsy creature.