PTI Trading card challenge #3

Talk about inspired! Todays challenge at Papertrey Ink was to create a "trading card" - 3" by 4" - to celebrate their new monthly moments series.
I have been collecting the annual school photo for my son for the longest time, and have never known what to do with them, not being a scrapper. But today's post opened my eyes to the world of pocket  scrapbooking and I can immediately see the perfect way to use those photos.

I'll change the "ticket" card to say the right grade for each picture, and will change the colours depending on his photo. I'll also need something different for the subjects card (I intend to fill it out with the Teachers names) for the lower grades when he only had 1 teacher, but other than that I can keep the same format right the way through and could get a complete record of school photos in less than a day. Amazing.