Friday, August 22, 2014

Stamp-a-faire meet and greet

Well my workspace is tidy-ish and that's about all the preparations I've made for tomorrow! Last year was my first year playing along with Papertrey Ink's Stamp-a-faire, having found the company about 18 months ago at about the same time as I started stamping and blogging. This year, however, I'll be lucky to find any time to myself as one set of guests left yesterday and the next lot arrive tomorrow!
Having been born and bred in England we transplanted to the US 13 years ago, initially in Boston and now in Connecticut.
I love my crafting area down in the depths of my basement, and my lovely Dad made me the ink storage box while he was staying with me back in June. So at least my inks are organised even if nothing else is.


  1. Your room looks so organized. Your dad did a great job on your ink storage. Happy cardmaking!

  2. You are very tidy! Love your ink holder. Can't wait to see what you make tomorrow!

  3. So tidy!! Can't wait to see the after pic after tomorrow's SAF.

  4. Wonderful ink storage box. So nice to have things organized. Looking forward to seeing your projects throughout the day if you get to make any.

  5. Greetings from Ireland. Hope you have a great day. Love your ink storage box. I bet its extra special to you as your dad made it for you.
    Your crafting area looks lovely.