Tuesday, March 31, 2015

MIM #207

I love the technique on this weeks Make it Monday at Papertrey Ink, and for once went in with a really clear plan.
I made a card that I really wasn't happy with so I had to go back and try again, and I'm hoping I can edit the photos in the link (I could - that's a relief)
This was the first, blink and you'll miss it, submission, but it was just too cluttered so I went back and tried again and got to this instead.
Much better!


  1. Sara, they're both lovely! Do like the 2nd better, cuz your 'Love' stands out a bit more. Also like the subtle black 'loves' more too! Different, but both great!

  2. I agree with Nancy, they're both great! Your focal point does stand out more on the second card. Great job on the challenge!