SAF Accessories challege - felt necklace

I'll be honest - I got a head start on this challenge. No way I could knock this up in under 2 hours.
I waited and waited for the Lavender moon felt to come back into stock but no luck there so instead I bought some cream felt and dyed it myself.
I cut flowers and leaves out using the Doodlie doo set, and used lavender moon re-inker in water for the paler purple and seedless preserve distress stain for the darker. Once dry I played around with floss and beads to add patterns to the flowers and leaves.
I made a base for the flowers to attach to out of 2 layers of felt, cut into rings and stitched together.
I coloured them with a copic marker to (sort of) match the flowers. Then I added ribbon to each side, leaving it long so I could adjust it once I'd put it all together.
I sewed the flowers and leaves onto the circles. Working at the back meant the stitched didn't show through.
Once all the elements were on, I stood in front of a mirror to try and work out where it should sit, and folded the ribbon to the right length. I had bought special fasteners for ribbons - really easy to use, you just need a pair of pliers.
I've even got a few smaller flowers made up that might find themselves being used in some of the other challenges.


  1. Well done! And I'm impressed with dying your own felt. That is some dedication:).

  2. This is really good! I am seriously impressed with dying your felt. I never would have thought of that!

  3. How creative!! It turned out beautifully.

  4. Beautifully done! I'm so impressed!!

  5. Love how your stitched beads on the flower petals almost give them a ribbed, dimensional look!


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