Friday, October 9, 2015

TH 12 Tags - October

Not a tag, but something to stand on a small easel, is my entry for this month's 12 tags of 2015.
I'm fighting a bit of a loosing battle with Halloween at the moment. At 15 my son is way too cool for this nonsense, but I still love decorating (only for about a week though - nothing's going up for at least another week)
I really like the 3 d monsters but, realistically, I'm never going to use them. Instead I set about trying to make my own 3 d pumpkin and I'm pretty pleased with the result.
I love the spider. Ir was one of those very cheap plastic rings you can buy. At first I was frustrated that the paint wasn't covering completely but then I decided it looked better mottled.


  1. I love your tag! Great job on the pumpkin!!

  2. Love the 3D effect you have achieved on your pumpkin! I like it better than the zombie! Don't those ring spiders come in handy! I had the same problem and thought, but then used alcohol inks and liked the end result. This is spook-fabulous! ~Niki

  3. Great 3d effect. Love the spider. Creatively clever!!!