PTI January blog hop

Fun fact. White glitter won't melt, no matter how long you hit it with the heat gun. Once I'd worked out that I wasn't using embossing powder this card, for the January blog hop at Papertrey Ink,  came together pretty quickly.
This is the inspiration picture , all glossy and bold.
Blog Hop Inspiration
I wanted to use the paper clippings series to give a big hit of white embossing, and this set worked just great.
I added some extra lines of blue onto the black and white patterned paper  to tie the colours together.


  1. Hah! So funny about the glitter - I can see myself doing that too. I love your Congratulations card - I am deciding that I need this Paperclippings die - that is it!!

  2. Wonderful card...the stars are a nice touch.

  3. This is wonderful. I absolutely love the sentiment. Those paper clippings stamps are amazing. I particularly love your stars.

  4. Love the touch of plaid on the side. Great card!

  5. Sarah, I just had to pop by and congratulate you on your win. Your card was a winner. Bright and happy. Love the direction you went with. Congrats and happy shopping!


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