10th Anniversary - photo finish

I do all the right things when we go away or have an important event. I take photos, I collect tickets and menus, brochures and maps, but then I do absolutely nothing with them. I love all of Heather's sets aimed at helping those of us who journal (even if only in our minds) so this challenge was easy to put together. The hard bit will be finishing the other pages!
I didn't buy the travel journal cover page die (the price made me wince just that bit too much - I would have loved the option for the words on their own though), but it's very easy to make your own. There's elements from all sorts of Heather's sets - Simply framed for the tab top (I'd love a die that fit this too but that's probably because I hate fussy cutting); Traveler's journal: adventure, Monthly moments - travel plans, all stamped in Lilac grace and amethyst allure inks.