SAF - Leather #1

This challenge was the only one for which I had to buy supplies. Liquid glycerine proved quite elusive in my area shops (and I really didn't have time to be chasing around for it today) so I ended up with it in suppository form! My husband looked at me like I'd gone insane.
I made the "leather" hours ago, but have been wondering how to use it. If you didn't try this one yet it ends up with a really unusual texture, and mine was a little difficult to glue - liquid glue is definitely the way to go rather than ATG.
That'll be my last challenge. Betsy's almost broke me - I tried the joint compound suggestion and boy did it not work. As soon as I rubbed the ink in all the compound snapped and fell off the card front.
There are lots of other's I'd still like to try, but not tonight.
Thank you to everyone at Papertrey ink for a great celebration - again.