PTI Blog Hop - February 2018

Hard to ignore the Eastery vibes for this month's inspiration picture for the Papertrey ink blog hop. Hard, but not impossible!

I took the little blue cans with what might be sprays of gypsophila  as my inspiration, and used the Queen Anne's lace from Meadow greens to stamp a pattern on what I would have sworn was Spring rain card stock until I tried to match it up with patterned paper for the bottom strip and discovered it wasn't.
The actual card is very light and pastel, but not nearly as pastel as the photo makes it look - I swear it hasn't stopped raining here for about 48 hours so I'm reduced to trying to take photographs under electric lights, with limited success.


  1. A beautiful inspired card - love the Queen Anne's lace in the embossed white over the blue - I have this set and need to get it out after seeing your lovely creation!

  2. Those florals are gorgeous! I love how soft the colors are! ♥♥

  3. Soooo pretty, Sarah! I just love the delicate Queen Anne's Lace against the soft blue background. Your card is a breath of Springtime!💗

  4. Soft and sweet, lovely! I can completely relate to the lighting issues, lol!


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